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Yeast has culminated with the importance given to the cocoa tree. Yeasts cocoa in a divine meaning. Think of this product is an award given by the gods themselves. Already the scientific name of the cocoa tree "Theobroma cacao" and "Food for the Gods" means.

Today people's favorite and defeated when the man who created one of the nutrients recommended by experts because of the happiness hormone Date of chocolate dates back to 1,500 years.


discovery of chocolate First, a Spanish sailor in 1528, was discovered by Don Cortez's been converted into a commercial chocolate drinks, Italy in 1606, France in 1615, spread to England In 1657. According to historians at the beginning of 1700s there were only mill in chocolate and cocoa in London, two thousand were added into the milk. Cocoa milk in Italy, especially among the clergy for popularizing, Pope 14 Causing the death of Pope Clement gladly drank the poison thrown into the milky flavors of central thought.


Chocolate as a food for the first time in 19 came to be seen by mid-century England and Switzerland. In 1828, Van Houten, a Dutch master's pressing cocoa beans and products derived from oil mills by passing some of the substances released, and this way I processed cocoa powder is a chemical was obtained. If chocolate was first manufactured in England in 1876. Remove excess water from the milk chocolate in the Swiss Daniel Peter was made by mixing milk chocolate.


Basically, cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, bitter chocolate, consisting of lecithin and vanilla, milk and white has three segments. Basic mixture "bitter" taste slightly bitter chocolate called out. The milk chocolate is added into the mixture of milk powder, cocoa powder added to the ivory color due to removal of more in the white chocolate is obtained. The color is connected to the mass of cocoa in chocolate, cocoa used in the rate and type of changes in color and taste changes. Masters, according to the hardness of a chocolate at room temperature protected in the mouth of the erimelidir. Melt chocolate in the mouth tastes metallic particles or leave.


Valued Kernels


Chocolate, the time of the Aztecs drank a beverage became very popular and has become part of the elite of society. During the discovery of Christopher Columbus, Europeans became acquainted with chocolate. Columbus, the importance of cocoa beans used in place of the money seized commercial ships, the comprehending the Europeans realized the value of this magical plant.


King of Spain to Ferdinand Columbus, receives the seeds before the king to present him Hernando Cortes in 1521 was çıkartan person. Columbus lived in many areas of life and death before his bad luck at this point bakamadığını should be said that the taste of chocolate.

After 23 years of Dominican priests ready to drink chocolate gifts continents, King Philip had brought the old continent, and thus became acquainted with chocolate.


"Eaten Chocolate" in 1847


The introduction of machines for use 1730'larda expensive for mass production of food has ceased to be introduced and the chocolate. In 1828, Dutch chemist Conrad J. Van Houten cocoa press of the (Dutch Process) by inventing the essence of cocoa butter (liquor) has succeeded in separating. Van Houten thus contributed largely to take the shape of the modern chocolate. The first manufactured in 1847 to defeat the chocolate is produced by an Englishman named Joseph Fry.



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