Chocolate 'wrote the book of the holy

 Georg Bernardini, tadımcısı for many years as a chocolate pastry and chocolate continues his professional life. Where was the world's best and most interesting chocolates knows


Bernardini, "Since my childhood I love dessert. Vocational education in making pastry on, chocolate has become a passion for me."

His passion into a profession that Bernardini, pastry and chocolate çikolatacılıktan tadımcılığı then doing now.


Bernardini, "The important thing is what chocolate is used. Often get the taste of chocolate before, then the cocoa is the main character on the palate. Example, the Madagascar cocoa. Especially get a taste of chocolate, yutkununca had a fruity taste lingers."

Collected in a book all the knowledge and experience of Bernardini chocolates. 38 countries have made assessments about the chocolate taste in a total of 2 thousand 700.

Bernardini, "The most important criterion to taste with a share of 35%, then 30% and 25% of the aroma materials," he says.

Bernardini book by critics 'chocolate holy book' is defined as.

First, how and where cocoa is grown in South America and Africa ...

And how nougat, chocolate candy and become explains.

Bernardini chocolate producers, large and small, are tested in the main section, is not.

6 cocoa beans, "must-try" means ... However, many items can not even deserve a single core ...


Bernardini, "carelessly, and only the interest income generated, based on the quality of the material used or bad recipe chocolate chocolate bad," he says.

Europe's most famous restaurants, and working as a pastry chef for 18 years near the city of Bonn operates the 45-year-old Bernardini their çikolatacısını knows very well how to make good chocolate.

Bernardini that tasted so many different materials, "Taste my most interesting chocolate in Japan. More collagen cosmetic surgery are used IN. 500 mg of collagen and mixed with 40 grams of chocolate. Japanese women eat it because they think their skin is good"

Georg Bernardini, "The world's best Chocolatier in Italy Domori'dir. Later, Patrick Roger in France, Belgium and Austria Zotter Pierre Marcolini," he says.

Eating 36 pounds of chocolate a year to assess the protection of Bernardini also manages to form.

Bernardini, "The most important sport. Course, in general, I'm eating and attention," he says.

But today you can not savoring favorite almond butter and peanut çikolatalanın.


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