The IMF now wants us to receive the debt once the debt.

global haberler Turkey, IMF in the management of the global economic crisis can invest $ 5 billion in the pool to be created.

According to sources, the information received from the Prime Minister has started today the first session of the global economic crisis, the G20 Summit were discussed. For the leaders of some countries in the crisis management of the IMF announced that they will contribute to how the pool oluşuturalacak.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's five billion dollars in the pool yatıracağını said.
5 BILLION DOLLARS WE WILL, We'll get back if we need
$ 5 billion deposited in Turkey, Central Bank foreign reserves to be created before the IMF learned on the subject submitted to the pool described in the technical details that were expressed by the Central Bank. In addition, Turkey needs to pull them off at the pool the money saved.
On the other hand, the G20 Summit in Brazil's 10 billion dollars in the pool, as well as Turkey, Russia $ 10 billion, 10 billion dollars in India, South Africa 2 billion dollars, 10 billion dollars in Mexico and Colombia 's reported $ 1.5 billion to be deposited.
Since 2008, we do not DEBT
Between Turkey and the IMF agreement, signed in 1961, beginning with the first review credit relationship continued until May 2008.
Turkey for 47 years with the IMF stand-by agreement signed 19 separate. Approximately 50 billion dollar loan made ​​as a result of these agreements.
Terminating the agreement with the IMF in 2008, followed by Turkey with the IMF loan to get one more sit on the table. Now they sat on the IMF to contribute to the fund will create

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