History of the republic's largest debt restructuring of taxes and premiums

 Configuration of the biggest tax and premium debt history of the Republic of SocialSecurity Institution (SSI) into £ 5.9 billion fund. Prior to the restructuring of $ 49.8 billion inSSI in a claim, the scope of the configuration of this receivable yapılandırmıştı TL'sini 30.3billion. Institution of the year 5 billion 918 million TL the first 8 months if the money was charged.
According to the latest analysis of data from Social Security, the Authority is structuredunder the debt restructuring was determined that it collects 5.9 billion TL'sini.
A $ 49.8 billion, which will take before configuring SSI, a total of 2 million 88 thousand 841entries were submitted within the scope of the configuration. Applications of the post-SSI30 billion 325 million 685 thousand TL'sini re yapılandırmıştı receivable. After configuration, this amount is 21 billion 897 million 337 thousand TL descends, the term due to the differences in preferences on credit, with the configuration after the amount to be charged25 billion 87 million 472 thousand TL appeared. Since March of this year, SSI began to collect this money TL'sini 5.9 billion was charged.
SSI coffers £ 5.9 billion this year into the first 8 months of restructuring. Authority in March this year £ 231 million, £ 771 million in April, May, 1 billion 100 million TL 1 billion 663million TL in June and July, charged £ 1 billion 485 million, while the maximum of the collection in August '£ 667 million was held in the collection. 5.9 billion worth of Social Security number in this way have collected a total of 8 months a year was.

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