There are Turkish chocolate everywhere on earth

Turkey in the world, candy, chocolate and biscuits are among the exports of the 15 largest exporting countries.

Quality and well-educated labor force, investments in technology and the importance given to the developing countries the geographical proximity, the EU accession negotiations, the Customs UNYON membership, a large domestic market and a young population, Turkey's confectionery sector, demonstrating the potential of the most important points and give him an advantage comes at the beginning.

Turkey's Exports `n the chocolate and sugar confectionery sector with a market share considerably. Sector investment and innovative technological perspective, today is one of Turkey's leading sectors. According to export figures of 2011, exports of chocolate and the sugar industry was 679 million dollars. Germany, Yemen, Libya, the United States, Britain, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan, the main exporting countries.

"Human dreams GROWS"

Dragees Dragees helix in the production of chocolate and firm in Turkey, contributing to the development of this sector, especially at the private production of dragees which takes place between firms. Mahmut railway company as the owner's objectives, alongside chocolate dragees dragees on the specialization to create and produce their own qualities said.

Mahmut railway, "Today the majority of companies producing coated tablets are produced in the kind of chocolate is essentially whether he produces next Dragee. We would like to specialize on the coated tablets. Benefit for the companies because we believe in specialization, "he said.

Who said they followed technology and innovation over the railway, "Our company is very young, although today is a leader in a different way to becoming one of the companies that produce delicious dragees continue to fight," he said.

Agreements for patents for at least 5 years, Mahmut railway remarkable deeds undone, products, and they said they brought a new breath to the sector.

Railway sector in particular, is an expression that stereotypes the industry, "Hand-made companies are doing as a byproduct of the production of coated tablets. In this case the production of the coated tablets are not showing enough attention," he said.

Railway, as the company Helical Dragee said product variations, as follows:

"Sugar Series, Dark series, milky series, the princess and the prince series, ivory series, metallic series, silver series, with a range of baby product range and expanding with each passing day," he said.

SECTOR always changing as

The development of a branch of the food sector with new products while continuing to produce chocolate and dragees Mahmut railway "a completely different location in the sector will in the future," he said.

That carry the products they produce a number of advantages, especially in the railway market, "Everything has price advantage before. And the quality of our products that also brings demands. Arab countries, we loved our products. This also triggers the operation as a company and more of us to be active, "he said.


Exports, as the company said the new railway began Dragee Helix, "I could be anywhere in the world. This is why I do not want to appear on a Sunday. The production of quality and diversity of products I can take you anywhere, "he said. He does not use a word that can not be the life of railway "Yesterday, today established the true emerges as dreams," he said.

Referring to the questions in the world economy in recent days after a short time something will just drew attention to the railway. Railway "in exports is effective up to a point of political events. Trade feelings of trust and quality that is important. This is a condition that occurs between two parties," he said.

Turkey is a part of firm demand for the products of Dragee helix in a fraction of chocolate are supplied from abroad. In addition, hygiene and HACCP rules of the company since its inception and has taken pains to make suitable for food production.


As a company, a lot of R & D activities önemsediklerini railway Mahmoud said, "We are working to give our country a new range of coated tablets. Domestic and overseas-trained specialist teams from many different products, "he said.

Mahmut railway "that the biggest problem in Turkey, we limited the point of novelty. Me stick by preparing the standards need to be done outside the product. No such thing as R & D in Turkey. For making the mimic. Government support for R & D activities is very important. afraid to remain in the hands of companies of different products they produce. Not surprisingly, as it is next to the state companies need, "he said.

Developed R & D work that tells a different perspective railway "companies that have supported R & D, the new ar-tal çıksın brain. R & D can not get anyone. May be branding this way. Must be remembering the brand its own products to Turkey must produce, "he said.

Finally, the railway, "R & D innovations in developing the community gathers and brings everything around people," he said. 

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